9L37 – Run 3 and On


How do I tell which run I have?
The best way to tell is to check the part number of one of the networks. It is network N5 in Riders or K3 in Sams. It most likely will be orange in color. The part number will either be 30-6030-6 or 30-6030-7. Part number 30-6030-6 is used on Runs 1 and 2 only, while 30-6030-7 is used on Runs 3 and on.

Another way to tell what run you have to to see if there is a color dot on the main board.  Look for either a Red, Orange, or Yellow dot.  If your board has a dot of any of these colors, then it is a Run 3+ board.

Contains the following networks:

  • 30-6519-2
  • 30-6509-2
  • 30-6034-1
  • 30-6512-6
  • 30-3060-7
  • 30-6024-1
  • 30-6028-2

Please note that the 30-6509-2 uses a 150K resistor.

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Networks for chassis 9L37 Run 3 and on only.

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