Philco Networks/Couplates for the following chassis:

  • 9L37 – Holiday, Pedestal
  • 9L38 – Tandem
  • 10L42/43 – Princess, Continental, Siesta, Danish Modern
  • 11L43 – Debutante
  • 8L35 – Seventeener
  • 10H25 – Seventeener
  • 8H25 – Seventeener II
  • 9H25 – Seventeener III
  • 11H25 – Briefcase

Components used were sourced from Mouser Electronics, an AS9100D/ISO 9100 company.  No parts from unknown sources from overseas and auction sites!  Most of the Networks use 1 Watt 500 Volt resistors and 630 volt MLCC C0G capacitors for added safety and reliability.  1Kv and 1.5Kv capacitors were used where required.

These Networks closely match the original Network in size and color, however the height may be .1 to .2 inch taller.  This was necessary to accommodate the 1 Watt resistors.  The Lead Spacing is the same as the original.  Lead length is sufficient and are 22awg.  It is recommended to leave about 1/8 inch between the bottom of the Network and the PCB to make voltage readings easier.

Prices shown are USD shipped to the US.  We ship to US and Canada ($12 shipping surcharge applies) addresses only.

Please allow 5 to 7 business days before shipping after payment and checks clearing.

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